Ciara Crivello


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–       Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, Lead Line Cook- 2010-2012

–       Rumari Restaurant Laguna Beach, Hostess- 2008-2010

–       Orange Coast College, Advanced Certificate in Culinary Arts- Graduated 2011


–       Always wanted to cook starting at a young age

–       Her dad inspired her to become a chef.

–       Very competitive

–       On a cooking competition team representing CA

–       Works well under pressure

–       Her standards are set high working at the Ritz in a lead position

–       Constantly working with high order volumes and at a fast pace.  Sometimes completes her day with over 1,000 orders

–       One of the fastest yet detail oriented cooks at the Ritz

–       The youngest cook at the Ritz by 7 years

–       Ultimate goal would be to own her own restaurant and catering company

–       Hates messy work stations and lazy employees

–       Can adapt to any style of food