Claire Delrengo


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–       Venice Beach Wines- Lead Line Cook 2011-Present

–       Surfas –  Cheese Monger 2010-2011

–       Stinky Brooklyn – Cheese Monger 2009

–       Atlas Peak Farm – Farm Volunteer 2010

–       San Francisco State- Sociology Major 2007


–       Claire is obsessed with cheese and often makes her own.

–       Claire loves to put herself in unfamiliar situations where she is forced to grow. She lied about her experience to get her current job on the line.

–       Very close with both parents but grew up with very little.

–       Says she is very fortunate to not have any life shattering or depressing moments in her life.

–       Claire just started working in a kitchen on the line about a year ago. She has little experience but her passion makes up for it.

–       Claire is a very bubbly, California girl type, but “fuck” is her favorite word to say in the kitchen.

–       Claire has a potty mouth and can be very vulgar when talking with her co-workers.

She can’t afford to go to culinary school but doesn’t think it’s necessary.

–       Likes to be a people pleaser.

–       If people take advantage of her she will act like a bitch.