Colin Pound


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–       Brennan’s Restaurant – Chef 2011-Present

–       The Elbow Room – Line Cook 2010-2011

–       PJ Ryans Pub – Line Cook 2009-2010

–       Chaplins Music Café – Kitchen Manager 2009

–       Le Cordon Bleu Pittsburgh, Valedictorian 2010-2011


–       Mom encouraged him to try different foods, i.e. escargot, as a young boy and this helped develop his appreciation, interest and passion for food.

–       Before deciding to become a chef, Colin went to school to become an English teacher but after partying too much, getting kicked out of college and losing his parents trust and respect, he decided to follow his heart and go to culinary school.  His passion for the food industry has caused him to gain much respect in not only the food industry but also with his family.

–       He knows he outshines people he works with and claims he never makes mistakes.

–       He doesn’t take shit from people, not even from his current boss who’s been at the restaurant since the 60’s.

–       He used to be a vegetarian until he learned how to cook better.