Dana Loehn


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–       CulinArt Inc. – Executive Chef/ Director of Food Services 2008-Present

–       Black Rock Oyster Bar – Chef 2000-2008

–       Cabaret Theatre at Yale University – Chef 2007-2008

–       Ralph & Rich’s – Executive Chef 2005-2007

–       Center for Culinary Arts – Graduated 2005


–      Huge and funny personality; however, it hasn’t stopped him from being fired 6 times

–      Loves pressure as he does about 900 covers a night

–      Hates working for corporate America but is doing it for his wife because she used to complain of the long hours

–      First memory of food was when he was 5 making homemade gravy with his mom

–      Started working as a prep cook at 14 and continued until he was able to work on the line

–      Went to culinary school at age 35 to reap the benefits of higher pay

–      Would correct his teachers in classes

–      Extremely competitive

–      Tough chef with little patience

–      Known to fire people on the spot for screwing up too much

–      Rarely gives a culinary grad a job on his line right away; makes them start peeling potatoes just like he did

–      Favorite station is sauté

–      Drives a Harley Davidson

–      Will do whatever it takes to win Hell’s Kitchen for recognition and for the opportunity to own his own restaurant