Daniel Marteny


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–       T.J. Stones—Executive Chef 2011-Present

–       Chef Tony’s—Sous Chef 2009-2011

–       Tower Club—Line Cook 2009

–       Fuddruckers—Grill Cook 1995-1999

–      Stratford Culinary Arts Degree—Graduated 2011


–       Daniel is an Executive Chef after only three years in the culinary industry.

–       He is super emotional and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

–       He’s competitive, even with his children.  “If my daughter wins at Pictionary, I’ll ground her.”

–       Daniel has a quick temper and will not hold back what he’s thinking.

–       He was once married to somone that “conned” him into following her dreams, but his new wife encouraged him to follow his passion and to become a chef.

–       Prior to becoming a chef Daniel was briefly in the military, but was sent home because he was caught sleep walking.

–       He was a jock and played football and baseball, and planned to go to college to play sports.

He has fine dining experience, and his favorite dish to make are crabcakes.