Daniel Ostermiller


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–       Aramark at the Q Center – Cook, 2012-Present

–       Kozy Cactus – Chef/Owner, 2008-2012

–       Whole Food – Fish Monger, 2008

–       MES Café – Executive Chef/GM, 007

–       Westchester Country Club – Banquet Fulfillment, 2006

–       Scottsdale Fairmont Pricess – Food Prep, 2006

–       Culinary Institute of America – Student, 2005-2007


–       Owned a restaurant in Arizona but had to close it down because his Partner embezzled over 60% of the money, the lawyer bills led to him running completely out of money.

–       Huge softie for animals, but loves to break them down and eat them too.

–       Moved to Chicago to help his sister raise her four kids.

–       Worked as a Consultant until age 35 when he had a sudden mid-life crisis and enrolled in culinary school.

–       Fell in love with cooking as a child when his father would prepare Sunday breakfast.

–       Takes pride in his knowledge of seasoning, believes most Chef’s do not know how to properly season their food.

–       He is the last single member of his groups of friends, he lost his long term relationship when he lost his restaurant.

–       Feels that society lacks accountability and loyalty.

–       Winning would validate his choice to change careers so late in life.