Daniel Pierce


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–       Risotto’s – Server 2011-Present

–       Freelance Caterer, 1999-Present

–       Lone Star Steakhouse – Server 2011

–       Ed Jaworsky – Live in Cook 2011

–       Applebee’s – Server 2011

–       US Navy – Cook 1990-1994

–       Stafford Vocational Center – Student, 1985-1987


–       Is irritated easily by people who call themselves a “Chef” but don’t know create basic sauces or use the basic tools of the kitchen.

–       One of his recent heroes is the blind woman who tried out for Master Chef.

–       His brother passed away in 2004 in a tragic car accident and the next week his wife asked him for a divorce, he hasn’t been able to recover ever since.

–       Was in the Navy and worked as a cook on a Nuclear Submarine.

–       Has had a catering business for 20 years but hasn’t been able to make enough money. to get by without other jobs

–       Became a server 6 years ago when he couldn’t find any work as a Chef.

–       Cooking is his escape from the world, and it becomes therapeutic for him.

–       Loves smirking at people and pissing them off to no end.

–       Daniel really wants this opportunity.  His tenacity on the line will be both comical and admirable.