Daniel Ryan


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–      Southwest Porch – Head Cook 2012 – Present

–       Dons Le Noir – Line Cook 2011 – 2012

–       Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel – Grillardine 2010 – 2011

–       Ruby Tuesday – Cook 2009 – 2010


–       In the army, Dan broke the record for fastest missile reload in less than 34 minutes

–       He believes he can handle Gordon because he handled drill sergeants

–       Dan’s biggest regret is that he never listened to his mother when she tried to teach him how to cook

before she died

–       Cherishes his mom’s cookbook

–       Obnoxious, arrogant prick in the kitchen and his mouth gets him into trouble

–       Has a short fuse and has made staff cry

–       Recently did 150 covers by himself

–       Gets messy on the line when busy

–       Hates culinary grads because he thinks they think they are Gods’ gift to the spatula

–       Most proud of: being pretty and serving his country

–       Most passionate about cooking, himself, money and women