Danielle Boorn


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–       White Columns Country Club, Club Chef/Executive Chef, 2006-Present

–       Atlanta National Golf Club, Banquet Sous Chef, 2005-2006

–       Metrotainment Bakery, Baker, 2004

–       Art Institute of Atlanta, Culinary Arts, Graduated 1999


–       Danielle attended culinary school at the Art Institute of Atlanta on a scholarship!

–       She’s an over achiever that believes half ass isn’t an option, and if she’s going to do something, shes going to do it well!

–       Danielle says men saw her as competition because she was one of a few women with a culinary degree, but she took the opportunity to learn from them, whether they knew it or not!

–       She has done everything in the kitchen – from pastry chef, banquets, sous chef, to currently – Executive Chef!

–       She thrives on the pressure, is the fastest one on the line and won’t accept failure as an option!

–       Danielle runs a fun, high energy , team in the kitchen – as long as the job is getting done!

–       If somebody wants to try and sobotage her, she doesn’t care, shes still going to come out on top

–       Danielle belives that if you love OR hate someone, you should tell them!

–       Pick her for HK because Danielle’s competitive, gives 100%, has a passion for cooking, and believes there is always room to grow!