Daryl D’Amico


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–       Longhorn Steakhouse—Line Cook/Trainer 2010-Present

–       Longhorn Steakhouse—Line Cook 2007-2009

–       Archie Moore’s—Assistant Kitchen Manager 2006-2007

–       Lincoln Technical School—Culinary Arts—Did not graduate


–       Darryl is an Italian trash-talking, sword-swinging, former foster kid.

–       We went from dish washer to prep cook before he was 16, and now works as a line cook at a chain steakhouse.

–       He grew up nerdy and fat, and always felt that the odds were stacked against him.

–       Darryl thinks his current job is beneath him because his boss is a “dick.”

–       He is extremely competitive and is a huge online gamer and a very sore loser.

–       He believes he lives his life by the “Samirai Code,” and will take down anything in his path to win.

–       On the line he is a perfectionist and territorial, but not at his current job because he hates it.

–       He won’t kill animals and wouldn’t even split a live lobster is he was asked to.

–      He plans on “slicing through the competition like a samurai in the wake of a zombie apoclypse.”