David Goad


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–       Doghouse Foodtruck – Owner 2011-Present

–       Lindero Bar & Grill – Executive Chef 2012 – Present

–       Old Place – Sautee Chef 2011

–       Maddy’s Market – Sous Chef 2010


–       Decided last year to start his own business, “Doghouse Food Truck”

–       Wanted to make a hot dog truck because there weren’t very many out there

–       Started cooking out of necessity, was good at it, decided to make a career out of it

–       Went to school but was learning more from his Executive Chef so he quit

–       Being under pressure assures him that he’s a good Chef and is in demand

–       He runs his kitchen simple and streamlined.  Everyone always know what their role is

–       Has quite a few lines that can be crossed

–       Hates unorganized people and when his staff don’t ask questions if they are lost

–       Emotions drive the flavors of his food

–       He will stick up for himself if he’s thrown under the bus

–       Had a difficult past with crime and drugs but is all good now

–       Overwhelmingly passionate about food