David Harnik


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–       The Dining Car, Chef/Owner, 2010-present

–       New France LLC, Director of Catering, 2008-2009

–       Private Family, Personal Chef, 2006-2008

–       M&M Mars, Product Development/R&D, 2002-2005


–       After decades of being a software engineer, David held a job working in product development for Mars, specifically M&Ms.  David has a background in science and physics, which helped him land the job of every 5-year-old’s dreams.

–       David is overtly smart and credits his culinary successes to “knowing the why” of how cooking works. He can scientifically explain why an egg white turns opaque when it’s cooked.

–       One of David’s favorite creations was a foie gras Snickers bar—something only someone with David’s combination of intellect and creativity could dream up.

–       David created a foccacia bread dough that he can cook on his food truck while cruising the streets of Boston. He also cures his own meats for his truck.

–       Not only does David cook, he’s an amazing soul singer, and would love to front a band of chefs on Hell’s Kitchen.

–       Has funny facial expressions and mannerisms.

–       He is a neat freak and comes unglued over poor hygiene.

–       David may be a nerd in the kitchen, but don’t underestimate his culinary ability and drive to win!