David Myers


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–       Austin Community College -Culinary Instructor, 2012

–       Contigo Austin – Executive Sous Chef, 2011-Present

–       Jeffery’s Resturant – Sous Chef, 2009-2011

–       Gourmet Resources – R&D Chef/Production Manager, 2007-2009

–       Vespaio/Enoteca – Butcher / PastaMaker, 2007


–       Has a 60 lb pet pig in his backyard that sleeps with his dog

–       Thinks chewing gum is the worst thing ever, assimilates it to humans chewing cud

–       Can walk on stilts

–       Always told he has a false sense of entitlement when it comes to his cooking skills

–       At times he can come across as a meat-head

–       Tends to be overly intense and comes off like an asshole

–       Recently cut off over 14 inches of hair and a huge handle bar mustache that he waxed for 10 minutes every morning, now his girlfriend is insecure because he is too good looking

–       As a kid he would stay home from school in order to cook with his mother

–       At an early age his mom taught the importance of eating healthy and how to do it in a time efficient manner

–       Loves the fact that food relates to everyone