David Suh


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–      The London Gordan Ramsay – Commis 2011 -2012

–      Babbo – Tournant 2010 – 2011

–      Pasta Bar – Tournant 2009 – 2010

–      Atlas Bistro – Commis 2009


–       David is a Commis at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant The London.

–       David hates his job because all he does is make canapes in the corner of the kitchen and toast.

–       David is incredibley bored and feels that he is wasting his talent.

–       David wants to become a contestant on HK to prove to Gordon that he is incredibly talented.

–       David fell in love with cooking when he cooked for himself while he was in the Air Force.

–       David has cooked across the country, from Austin to New York.

–       David is incredibly competitive and can be a real asshole. He always speaks his mind.

–       David’s dream job is to own his own restaurant because he hates working under a superior.

–       David is tired of being the guy in the backround and wants to win HK so for once people say to him, “Yes Chef!”