David Velez


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–       Sophia Food & Wine- Executive Chef 2011-Present

–       Valentino Restaurant Group- Assistant General Manager and Line Cook 2010-2011

–       HMS Host International- Bar Manager 2007-2011

–      Cerritos Culinary College- Currently enrolled


–       Was in. the Marines and went to Iraq.

–       Had an accident where a vehicle he was in rolled and he injured his shoulder and gained weight from lack of exercise.

–       Suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Iraq and was a completely different man when he came home.

–       Once his daughter was born, he changed his life around for the better.

–       His father is his biggest inspiration.

–       He mentors kids and likes to take them to fine dining restaurants to eat.

–       Wants to start a foundation for kids to learn things to prepare for the real world.

–       Thinks it’s his calling to show inner-city youth sustainability and nutrition.

–       Tells his staff to make things with big and delicious flavors so received the nickname “Big Delicious.”

–       Gordon Ramsay is a walk in the park compared to Iraq.