Dewayne Alfred


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–       Southern Yacht Club – Sous Chef 1994-2000, 2006-Present

–       Saffron Nola – Sous Chef 2009-Present

–       Pic Quick Private Club – Kitchen Assistant/All Hands 2005-Present

–       G.W. Fins – Sauté Cook 2004-2005

–       Mr. B Bistro – Head Cook 2000-2002, 2005-2009


–       Dewayne’s first memory of cooking was at 9 years old – he would cook fried eggs and bacon for his family and they loved it!

–       He started working as a bus boy and worked his way up and loves cooking on the line so much that he’s pretty much just stayed there

–       His biggest influence was his father Rob, who he considers the chef of the family.

–       He works 3 kitchen jobs simply because it’s what he loves to do.  At his audition, another person auditioning for the show offered him a job while sitting in the lobby!  Dewayne’s a hard worker and his passion shines bright!

–       Dewayne says he’s starving for this opportunity and if picked for Hell’s Kitchen he will only bring his “A” game.  He says, “this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

–       He’s competitive and knows he’s the shit, but not a showboat

–       To have the opportunity to be on TV doing his God given talent gives him chill bumps.

–       A life-changing event was when Dewayne’s older sister was strangled and murdered. Instead of getting swallowed up in the grief, he said it helped him become a better man and go after his dreams.

–       Combining his raw talent with his passion for food makes him one of the more unique competitors.

–       He gets respect in the kitchen and doesn’t need to yell to get his point across!