Dominic Sanchez


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–       The Gambling Cowboy Chop House and Saloon – Executive Chef 2009 – 2012

–       Falkner Winery – Jr. Sous Chef 2009

–       Vail Ranch Steak House – Roundsman 2009

–       Yardhouse – Line Cook 2008 – 2009

–       Red Robin –Trainer 2007 – 2008


–       Nickname is the “Wire Man” because he’s so full of energy and can’t sit still

–       According to him, his hyper-activity is an asset in the kitchen because he is constantly moving

–       Was born in a family filled with culinary talent. His grandfather, father, mother and uncle were all

cooks at one time or another and Dominic learned from them at an early age

–       Has 3 sons who he spends all his time with when he is not in the kitchen

–       Dominic is super competitive.  He is a T-ball coach for his youngest and boasts that he is “that dad

who yells during the games”

–       With the recent turn in the economy, and being unemployed Dominic has been trying to make ends

meet for a long time

–       Feels that winning this show would put him where he needs to support his family