Dustin Paz


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–      AMW Metal Works – Steel Worker 2011 – Present

–      Shane’s Rib Shack – Grill Chef 2009-2010

–      Has worked at: various mom and pop restaurants, fishing boats, and is an avid BBQ griller


–      Dustin’s love of cooking started at the age of 13.  He had his first job as a cook on a fishing boat where fresh and exotic fish/seafood were caught and the captains would either like him to clean them and serve them up raw or cook them with his unique and talented ways of using spices and flavor.  The captains would fight over him!

–      Dustin’s first professional job was at Creole’s Stockpot where he was taught to cook everything Southern and homemade.  They tried to “take it over the top with down home cookin” where he was able to be inventive and cook with wines and demi glazes.

–      He loves to create dishes with rabbit or deer, such as “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” which is a stew/Jambalaya/gumbo made with rabbit and loves to come up with his own recipes. Several people have told him he needs to open his own restaurant.

–      Although Dustin didn’t go to culinary school, he can cook with the best of them and says  he can defeat any crybaby on HK!