Edmund Perez


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–       Personal Chef to the Commanding General – US Army, 12 years

–       Culinary Arts Team Captain -US Army, 2007-2008

–       Trainer of Cooks in Culinary Arts – US Army, Iraq, 1998-2007


–       DJ and Singer on the side for fun

–       Has a huge pet peeve about people having wrinkled clothes

–       Had to bury his oldest daughter 2 weeks after her 10th birthday, she suffered from a rare bone disease

–       Loves creating his own cooking shows for the Military, he has two, “Grill Sergeant’s” and “Nuke It”

–       Leading an all military team in the World Culinary Olympics in Germany 9/1/12-10/15/12

–       He is a member of an elite culinary team for the Army, there are only 24 members throughout the entire country

–       Served a tour of duty in Iraq during which two IED’s exploded near his kitchen

–       For Christmas his daughter got him a signed menu from Gordon which she framed, it is his inspiration he looks towards everyday

–       He is a competitive chef with several medals, awards and accreditations

–       Father to three daughters

–       Only available for Season 12