Eileen Wright


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–       Marketplace Café – Catering Coordinator 2011-Present

–       The Cellar Wine Bar – Chef 2011

–       Salt Creek Grille – Cook 2011

–       Institute of Culinary Education- Graduated 2011


–       Went back to school recently for a culinary degree

–       Former accountant and wanted a change in careers

–       Being 51 and a woman, she wants to be on the show to prove she can keep up with the younger chefs

–       Goes to the gym often to deal with the stresses in the kitchen

–       Loves to use fresh ingredients from farmers markets and her own garden

–       Her weakness is that she is a perfectionist in the kitchen

–       Thin skinned – If Ramsay yels at her she may cry but she will never quit and will finish the job

–       The longer (hours) she works, the better her work gets