Elaine Kiessling


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–  Lochearn Camp for Girls, Executive Chef, 2010 – Present

–  Camp Empire Lake, Head Chef, 2006-2007

–  Cooking Instructor, HCMS After School Program, 2007-present

–  Dinner on Demand, Owner, 2006-present


–       Elaine waited her whole life to do what she loves: cook for a living. After several careers and being a stay at home mom she attended USPCA, Personal Chef Curriculum Program and graduated 2009.

–       Don’t consider her age a deterrent to her success! She thinks her age has actually opened doors for her in the culinary industry.

–       She prefers to dress a little crazy and is known for her wild socks and colorful chef coats, which always entertains the kids at the summer camps she cooks for.

–       Elaine has a quirky cafeteria lady quality to her, which comes naturally as a full-time mother of three children and a summer-time mother to a camp full of kids as their head chef.

–       Her biggest pet peeve is wasting food, she prides herself in repurposing leftovers and expanding the palates of the children under her watch.

–       She used to be a bellydancer and loves to tend bar when she’s not working at summer camps.

–       When asked about her motivation for doing Hell’s Kitchen, she answers: “Myself. I do lots of things for everyone else, but this time its 100% for me.”