Elyse Prince


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–       Self Employed- Personal Chef/ Cooking Instructor 2012-Present

–       Telepan- Garde Manger 2012

–       Natural Gourmet Institute- Graduated 2012


–       Loved helping her mom and grandmother make Hanukah cookies.

–       Former journalist with a masters degree.

–       Studied abroad in Thailand and took an outdoor cooking class and re-ignited her love for cooking.

–       Started working for herself almost instantly after culinary school.

–       Has never eaten pork or shellfish but will cook with it if she has to.

–       Considers herself a huge nerd.

–       Newlywed with support from her husband.

–       Was hired at a high end NYC restaurant for her talent but quickly fired because she couldn’t handle the pressure on busy nights.

–       Huge competitive edge and loud.

–       Team player at heart.

–       Confident she can hold her own.

–       Very territorial with her station.

–       Doesn’t use recipes; cooks based on smell and taste.

–       Used to criticism and can handle Gordon Ramsay.