Emmett McDonough


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–      Restaurant Consultant – Le Cirque – Chef de Partie 2011

–      Key Impact Sales – Food Broker Sales Chef 2009-2010

–      1 Republic – Executive Chef 2010

–      French Culinary Institute (did not graduate)


–       Emmett is a classically trained chef who grew up with a father who was voted one of the top 100 chefs of NJ

–       He can handle Gordon Ramsay’s wrath because he can handle his father who is his harshest critic

–       Ready to step out of his father’s shadow

–       Was a rebel growing up, so he was sent to military school

–       He was second best in his class at FCI

–       He was offered to be part of the Augie Awards, cooking along side some of the best chefs around

–       Is a real foodie who likes to create his own sea salt mixtures and he is a hoarder when it comes to kitchen tools

–       Has done food demos and likes to teach other chefs

–       Pig tattoo on his arm named Gladys