Eric DeSimone


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–       Nonna of Italy- Sous Chef 2011-Present

–       CJ Maggies- Head Chef 2009-2011

–       Aquarium Lounge- 2008-2009

–       Backwoods Bar and Grill- Chef 2008-2009


–       Was named one of Zagat’s “Top 30 Under 30” for up and coming chefs in LA and was the youngest sous chef to be recognized

–       Has the title of sous chef at the young age of 20

–       Started understanding cooking when he was 7 by watching his parents in the kitchen

–       Grew up with very little and his parents didn’t have the means to send him to school

–       The only one in his family to ever leave his hometown in rural West Virginia

–       Moved to California on his own to better his life and work in some of the top rated restaurants in the world

–       Feels extremely happy and satisfied working in the kitchen

–       Very talented and destined for great things

–       Focuses best when he’s under pressure

–       Current executive chef is his biggest influence because he gives him freedom in the kitchen to grow by letting him create new things

–       Favorite chef is Paula Deen