Eric Lokke


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–      Brio Tuscan Grille – Sous Chef 2011-2012

–      Cliff’s Star Grill – Head Chef 2011

–      Maggiano’s Little Italy – Sous Chef 2010-2011

–      Laser Pacific Media – Sous Chef 2006-2007

–      Le Cordon Bleu – Graduated 2009


–      Eric isn’t afraid to admit he’s a complete jerk and loves putting people in their place. But when it comes to his kids, he is a huge softie. In fact he loves being around children in general and says they love him because he’s truly a kid at heart.

–      Thrives off of being in a position of authority and wants to be the type of boss that people want to work for.

–      Has a never-ending list of things he can’t stand about other people and things that annoy him in the kitchen. Tolerance is not his strong suit; he’s got a short fuse and no patience for stupidity.

–      He’s currently the majority breadwinner for his family while his wife is going to college.

–      He has a hard time working for people whom he doesn’t feel are qualified, he believes most bosses get to that position due to politics and not their abilities

–      Comes from an overweight family and he loves to eat. He wants to die with bacon in one hand and blue cheese in the other, so it might be surprising to learn that he recently lost 40 pounds.