Eric Wayne


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–       Landmark Americana – Kitchen Manager 2012-Present

–       Wow Factor Restaurant Consulting – Senior Consulting / CEO 2011-2012

–       Iron Abbey – Executive Sous Chef 2010-2011

–       World Café Live – Sous Chef 2010


–       This former aspiring youth minister is a self-taught chef.

–       Growing up, Eric worked as youth minister in summer camps, teaching kids about religion and keeping them away from the bad influences of life but cooking always seemed to call out to him.

–       It took Eric a while to realize what his true calling was, but once he knew cooking is what he wanted to do, he started as dish washer and made his way up.

–       He has over come death with family members and friends but being a chef is what keeps him focused and pushes him forward.

–       In middle school he was picked on because he was a big and tall kid, and to this day the guys in the kithcen call him “Grande” because of his stature.

–       Eric’s most annoying tait is that he never knows when to shut up and he always has to be right.

–       He is a perfectionist when it comes to the presentation of his plate and he gets frustrated when he sees experienced chefs on HK making rookie mistakes.

–       He came here to win HK and will seize the day when he is put up against culinary trained chefs!