Erin Reed


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–      Morimoto and Continental Midtown – Pastry Cook 2011-2012

–      The Broadmoor, Penrose Room – Pastry Cook 2008-2009

–      IUP Academy of Culinary Arts – Certificate 2007


–      Erin works at one of the top restaurants in Philly delivering 300 of the city’s best pastries in a night.

–      Erin is quirky, cocky, and doesn’t give a shit what people think of her. She grew up in a small hick town and was the rebel type who got expelled twice from high school. She will purposely hurt people’s feelings with her sharp tongue.

–      She says what sets her apart from most chefs is that she not only cooks pastry, but also cooks savory and has great knife skills.

–      Erin has no hobbies, and the only thing she likes to do is cook.

–      Erin is sick of being someone else’s bitch, and she wants to be able to create her own menu and open her own restaurant.

–      She wants the opportunity to prove to the world that a pastry chef can and will win Hell’s Kitchen. She will win the show for her father who never got the chance to see who she has become. Erin gets emotional about her father and doesn’t like talking about him.