Errol LeBlanc


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–       Prur Hospitality Group, Chef / Owner / Consultant 2010-Present

–       Flore Burgers – Chef/General Manager 2010-2011

–       R.E. Tapas – Chef/Owner 2008-2009

–       The Art Institute – Culinary Instructor, 2004-2007

–       California School of Culinary Arts, Graduated


–       Errol’s passion for cooking came from being the only cook in his family growing up.  His mom was never around, so if he wanted Thanksgiving dinner, he’s the one that had to make it.

–       Errol realizes he won’t be rich as a chef, and his former girlfriends knew it too: “I’ve been dumped by so many girls because they want someone with more money than a chef.”

–       Currently, Errol owns a hospitality company which specializes in cooking food and creating crazy events for the wealthy in Las Vegas.

–       He has done events in the deserts of Nevada, on the rocky beaches, and once in a mattress warehouse: “We made that thing look like a Vegas club.”

–       Before the hospitality company, Errol ran the restaurant that used to be in the space where Gordon Ramsay Steak is now.

–       Errol is his own biggest critic, and would love to strive for perfection on Hell’s Kitchen!