Fredo Ferrer


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–       Tata Bistro, Sushi Chef, 2012-present

–       Goyemon, Closing Chef, 2004-2011

–       Kalani’s, Executive Sushi Chef, 2002-2003

–       Art Institute, Culinary Arts, Did Not Graduate


–       Fredo is a reformed bad boy/party animal.  In high school, he went to school only 40 days in the entire year and had a .8 GPA.

–       Fredo has found that he does not work well with “quiet chefs,” and knows that his work style would go perfectly with Chef Ramsay.

–       As a Sushi Chef, Fredo gets to choose what each individual likes based on their palates.  He also is able to drink with patrons, and gets “f*cked up” every night.

–       He moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas because he prefers the hustle and bustle of the city over Hawaii’s laid back lifestyle.

–       Fredo’s bigget pet peeve is tardiness. “You think it’s only five minutes, but those five minutes add up over time!”

–       Fredo speaks a Hawaiin dialect called Pigeon.

–       Fredo realizes that Hell’s Kitchen is about teamwork, but he is “the captain.  No one takes down the team captain.”