Gary Allee


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–       Fresh Off the Grill Catering – Owner / Cook 2008 – Present

–       Cheesecake Factory – Manager 2003 – 2006

–       Provider Food Services – General Manager – 2000 – 2003

–       The Restaurant School, 1983-1985


–       Super spazzy guy

–       Loud, obnoxious, HYPER

–       Has a maniacal laugh that sounds like Crusty the Clown from the Simpsons

–       Likes to name drop people that he has worked for and will tell stories about them as if you knew who they are

–       Has been fired from several different jobs because he was

–       Has been married three different times and has six kids, ages ranging from 25 to 3

–       Struggles to make ends meet for his family

–       Big huge character, talks fast

–       Cooking has been in his blood for generations – grandfather owned a fish market

–       Is malicious in the kitchen, and needs to have everything in the right place

–       Loves birds

–       Will drive everyone crazy with his laugh