Gina Aloise


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–       Cook / Prep / Wait Staff – The Italian Grotto Restaurant 2004

–       Grill Cook / Prep Work / Cashier – Riviera Pizza II 1989-2003

–       Prep Work – Riviera Pizza 1983-1988


  • Gina is a feisty Sicilian who will kick anyones ass if they ever question her work ethic or her heritage.
  • Her father was very protective and most people in her neighborhood feared him. Because of this, she always went home and cooked.
  • Gina was a hairstylist for some years and didn’t begin to cook professionally until after she married her, fresh off the boat Italian husband in 1989. They owned and operated three restaurants. Her pizzeria won best in the state of Delaware. She created and expanded the menus of the pizza stores into full restaurants with dishes she remembers from the old country.
  • Even though she was not culinary trained, she can still kick everyones ass on the line. When her husband started hiring idiots, she began making the barrels of pizza sauces and everyone loved it.
  • Her son died at birth and that is when she engulfed herself in food.
  • Gina was known for feeding all the neighborhood kids because none of their mother’s cooked. She said if anyone touches her food they will be “beat, bagged and fitted in booties.”
  • She is often called “The Sicilian Sopressata,” like the sausage.  She’s meaty, tight and she loves to soak in olive oil. She’s ready to bring her Sicilian flare to Hell’s Kitchen and win.