Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Grisafi


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–       Roma Ristorante – General Manager / Executive Chef 2010 – Present

–       Taste of Italy Ristorante – General Manager / Executive Chef 2001 – 2009

–       Salvatore Ruffinos – Kitchen Manager 2000-2001


–       Cooking is Joe’s life and in his blood. His father owned restaurants, so he grew up in the business.

–       When Joe was in high school, he was accepted into Johnson & Wales but his father was a Chef and refused to pay because his father believed that he  knew as much as the culinary instructors. Joe was very upset for a long time about not going away to school. His dad was a dictator growing up and he pushed Joe to be the best he can be.

–       Joe worked his way up in the business from pizza shops to Italian restaurant. He did 200 covers every weekend for ten years and now he does 300/night at his current restaurant.

–       His current restaurant was voted Best Italian American Contemporary restaurant after he started working there. In addition, it was voted busiest restaurant in the 3rd largest city in PA.

–       Joe won’t stop until he gets to the top. He has always been competitive in his life whether it was playing football or working the grill and saute line in the kitchen.

–       He wants to prove to himself and his father that he has what it takes to go up against the best of the best and come out a winner on top.