Gray Brody Rollin


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–       Latitude 45, Tour Chef, 2008-present

–       Tres Hombres, Executive Chef, 2007-2009

–       Nage, Chef de Cuisine, 2006-2007

–       I’o Restaurant, Sous Chef, 2003-2006

–       California Culinary Academy, 2003


–       It’s hard to imagine a better job than Gray has now: he tours the world with rock bands as their personal chef.

–       He is currently on tour with Linkin Park, and has toured with Motley Crue, Tori Amos, KISS and Prince, among others.

–       As a child, his father would ship him to the East Coast every summer, where he would work in his cousin’s restaurants.

–       Following culinary school, he took an internship in Hawaii, where he lived for 7 years

–       He eventually worked his way up to open several of his cousin’s restaurants before a friend called him to submit his resume for an opening as a tour chef.

–       Gray is very particular and will kick anyone out of the kitchen if they smell like smoke or dirty any of his cutting boards.

–       Gray has Addison’s Disease, which affects his thyroid and leaves him craving salt.

–       When Gray was 16, his mother died while she was on a walk.  He decided to stop being “a punk kid,” and do something with his life. Making it to Hell’s Kitchen would make her proud.