Greg Power


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–       Harry’s Café and Steakhouse – Sous Chef 2011-Present

–       The National – Roundsman 2010-2011

–       Capital Grill – Briole 2009-2010

–       David Burke Prime 2008-2009

–       Le Cordon Bleu – Graduated 2004


–       Greg is a passionate, hot headed Sous Chef at the famous Harry’s Café and Steakhouse on Wall street.

–       He grew up an army /airforce brat and lived all over the country until he was 18. He was a trouble maker so his father sent him to Germany  to straighten him out. In Germany, Greg worked as a cook in he air force where he got his aha moment to become a chef. There he learned to handle the pressure of high volume, and learned to do ice carvings.

–       After Germany, Greg moved back to the US and went to study at Le Cordon Bleu.

–       Greg has cooked all over the country and can cook 700 steaks alone at perfect temperatures.

–       He has an army father who at 62 is currently serving in Afghanistan and a brother who is a heavy weight professional boxer and MMA fighter. He knows what it’s like to be competitive and with a last time like POWER losing is never an option.

–       He is putting his reputation as a chef on the line to be on Hell’s Kitchen. He knows he is a pain in the ass and  he likes things done his way, but he is serious about his food and the end product.