Gregory Natal


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–       The Balcony Weddings and Receptions – Executive Chef, 2011-Present

–       Johnson, Mire, and Fernandez – Accounting Clerk, 2010-2011

–       The Balcony – Sous Chef, 2006-2011

–       Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House – Line Cook, 2008


–       Gregory has been cooking since the 8th grade and hasn’t stopped ever since. At only 23, he has had the Executive Chef title for a year now and is lovin’ it!

–       Greg is both working and going to school full time to obtain his masters degree in Accounting.

–       He says, “I’ve always been the pair of hands they’ve wanted with them in the kitchen…”  and that he should be chosen because “I’m one of the most intelligent people you will have, I have what it takes to excel, and FOX should believe in me.  When given a chance I can succeed!”

–       Gregory can have a short temper – He’s Italian and has been compared to looking like Marlon Brando with a personality to match!  “Of course I raise my voice!  I get stern. So let’s get on the fucking ball and move the train” – He says he will get in peoples face to motivate them!

–       At 23, Gregory says hasn’t crossed the tip of iceberg and is ready to come on Hell’s Kitchen and chip away at what he’s best at – and that dominating in the kitchen!