Gaurav Navin


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–       Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort – Executive Chef 2006-Present

–       Ellias Restaurant Lead Line Cook 2006

–       Pangea Restaurant 2005-2006

–       Ruby Tuesday’s – Assistant Manager 2004-2005


–       Guarav is a Hindu rebel Exec Chef, from New Dehli who is opinionated and  knowledgeable to back it up.

–       He gave up his parent’s dream of him becoming a doctor. Guarav has received so much criticism from his family about being a chef, that he literally said “fuck this” and came to the States to pursue the only thing he is good at – a career in food industry.

–       Guarav studied economics and has a degree in hotel management.

–       In the culinary world he has done ice sculptures, worked in all types of settings from cruise lines, a la carte and is now the Executive Chef at a golf resort.

–       Gaurav can handle volume because he had to serve 3000 people a day on the Carnival cruises and he also does weddings that sometimes have 3-4 destination outlets.

–       Gaurav has been competitive since he was born. He plays cricket and chess. He will treat the kitchen like a game of chess, put the pieces in the right places and he will win.

–       When he gets pissed, he throws knives and spoons and he curses in different languages. He is a control freak in the kitchen and said if you don’t want to give 100%  – go work at Walmart.