Harold Jurado


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–       Chizakaya – Executive Chef/Owner 2009-Present

–       Sunday – Sous Chef 2009

–       Restaurant Charlie – Sous Chef 2008

–       Kendall College, Culinary Arts Major – Graduated 2005


–       Harold is already the owner and executive chef of a restaurant in Chicago at the age of 29.  But he didn’t always know he was going to do this.  He went to 2 different colleges after high school.  After waking up in the middle of the night from a panic attack, he decided to switch schools and enroll somewhere else as a culinary major.

–       His dad is disciplined and his mom is creative so he tried to take a piece of each of their personalities.  After many kitchen jobs, he was hired to open restaurants.

–       While in NYC for a job, he went to a hole in the wall Japanese pub and knew he had to open one in Chicago.  He has received much praise even though some people are still skeptical to try it.

–       He’s very fast in the kitchen.  He rates his cooking a 9 and has superior knife skills.

–       Harold would be fine with Ramsay yelling at him (if he would at all) because he respects his work and would take it as a compliment.