Heather Chase


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–       Brewster Academy, Cook, 2011-2012

–       Harvard University, Cook, 2009-2011

–       Corporate Café, Manager/Short Order Cook,  2008-2009


–       At 5’5” and 210 lbs, Heather definitely stands out.  While she admits that she might intimidate people as “this big tattoed lesbian walking down the street,” she insists that she is “a big smushball” with a competitive side.


–       While some chefs prefer the atmosphere of fine dining, Heather enjoys the challenge of corporate “industrial” cooking, and one of her favorite jobs she has held was in the Harvard University cafeteria.


–       Perhaps the reason Heather enjoys industrial cooking so much is the level of required cleanliness—she is a germaphobe.  Don’t be offended when she doesn’t shake your hand or share food.


–       While Heather is very open about her sexuality, you would be surprised to know that she was married for 10 years to a man.