Holly Pond


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–       Holly Helpz with Nutrition – Owner and Nutritionist 2010-Present

–       The Cheesecake Factory – Server 2009-2010

–       Gator’s Dockside – Bartender/Server/Caterer 2006-2009

–       Red Rock’s Café – Bartender/Server 2004-2006

–      House of Brews – Bartender/Server 2003 – 2004


–      Her dad left her family when she was 5 years old and she has no memory of him. Her mom worked full-time but was also an alcoholic who would stay out all night.  Holly had to take care of her and her two sisters and learned to cook out of necessity.

–      Got pregnant at the age of 15 and it changed everything. She immediately had to grow up and become a mother.

–      Daughter was pregnant at 18 so she’s a grandmother. A young hot grandmother!

–      Went into the military to pay for her college and has two bachelor degrees, one in acting and one in nutrition.

–      Has body image issues and went into nutrition to better her food knowledge and be able to maintain her weight but still be able to eat healthily.

–      Taught herself how to drive a stick shift just by observing her mom drive.

–      She’s a multitasking expert with great knife skills.

–      Ramsay scares her but she’s ready to work for the best!