Isaiah Frizzell


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–       Pheast Supper Club – Owner / Chef 2011 – Present

–       Trailer Park Truck – Chef / Consultant 2012 – Present

–       Room Forty – Line Cook 2010 -Present


–       Grew up on a farm where he learned how to cook from scratch

–       From looking at him, you would never think he was a Southern farm boy

–       Owns over 1,000 cookbooks

–       Uses molecular gastronomy in his cooking

–       Loves pastries

–       Recently became inspired to only use raw ingredients

–       Pressure is what you make of it. If you’re on top of your game, there’s less pressure

–       He’s gentle and accomodating to his staff but can not tolerate people with a poor attitude or seeing items on the floor

–       His biggest pet peeve is anything that is on the floor.

–       Hates when people throw food away. He will use scraps to make other things

–       Is an alien from another planet

–       Mad Scientist contestant

–       His grandfather Lefty Frizzell was a magician, as was his father and his uncle