Israel Valenzuela


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–       Boteco Brazilian Lounge – Manager/Executive Chef 2012-Present

–       Maggiano – Maitre’D 2009-2010

–       Canal Restaurant – Line Cook/ Server 2007-2008

–       Le Cordon Bleu- Graduated 2007


–       Israel is a Mexican Jew who learned how to cook from his grandmother, making everything from scratch, including beans.

–       Israel speaks fluent Spanish, is outgoing and is a great listener on the line.

–       Very competitive and will cheat to win.

–       Ran with the bulls in Spain to impress a girl and says Hell’s Kitchen pressure is nothing compared to having a bullhorn almost shoved up your ass.

–       Friend who manages Boteco gave him the Executive Chef position because the restaurant was failing and he needed someone to help.

–       Brought the restaurant from 2 stars to a 4 star establishment.

–       Has good front of the house managerial skills and can run both sides of the restaurants.

–       Pet peeves are fat chefs and liars.

–       Chooses to act more like coach in the kitchen than a drill sergeant yet he makes people cry when he’s angry.