Jaclyn Mazzuca


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–      Maison Giraud – Sous Chef 2011-2012

–      Otter Bar Lodge & Kayak School – Chef 2011

–      Waterloo & City – Line Cook 2011

–      Anisette Brasserie – Junior Sous Chef 2008-2010

–      Le Cordon Bleu – Graduated 2009


–      Jaclyn’s ethnic background is Italian and Japanese. She was the only granddaughter on her dad’s side so she had to learn how to cook from her Italian Grandmother before she passed away.

–      She was very close with her grandmother and Jaclyn took her death so hard she became bulimic for 4 years.

–      She left college because couldn’t handle the stress of school or her illness and moved back home. She is fully recovered and has developed a healthy relationship with food and cooking.

–      Speaks a little Spanish and likes to hear the kitchen staff talk about her before she reveals she knows what they are saying.

–      Has worked in Michelin Star rated restaurants and knows classic technique but loves to keep things simple. She thinks women take better care of ingredients than men do and let simplicity of the food shine.

–      She’s insecure but is ready to tackle this challenge!