Jacob Long


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–       Café Dupont, Line Cook, 2011-Present

–       Hot and Hot Fish Club, Waiter’s Assistant, 2010-2011

–       University of Alabama, Birmingham – General Management Graduates 2013


–       Jacob started cooking from a young age when he began experimenting with food for school projects.  He would make candy out of marshmellows in the microwave and pizzas out of croissant dough.

–       His parents were horrible in the kitchen so he had to step up!

–       Jacob is a quadruple threat! He loves to cook and is great at it, but he also loves to be the center of attention… He will sing, dance and act his way through the kitchen and can give you spot on Gordon Ramsay impressions!

–       The restaurant he’s worked at the past year and a half has given him a great deal of responsibility.  He runs runs garde manger and pastry and goes to school full time.  He loves every minute of it and wouldn’t change a thing!

–       He gets teased for asking too many questions, but he says “If I don’t know something, I’m going to ask!”

–       His Jambalaya and buttermilk fried Quail is off the chain!

–       Keep chivalry alive! “When I’m not bragging about myself, I consider myself to be one of the last Southern gentleman type guys around.”

–       When it’s “in the shit”, Jacob is the one smiling, keeps it calm, and will be the “happy force” in the Kitchen.

–       Jacob is ready to bring this “country ass shit” to HK and rise to the top!