Jacob Smull


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–       The Copa Cabana—Line Cook 2012-Present

–       Franzone’s Pizza—Grill Cook 2010-2011

–       Fingers, Wings & Other Things—Assistant Kitchen Manager/Line Cook 2000-2004/2006-2010

–       Tokyo Joe’s—Cook/Sushi Chef 2005-2006


–       Jacob is a 26-year-old line cook at an island themed bar in downtown Philadelphia.

–       He started out as a cook, but left to go to school to become a mechanic.

–       He returned to cooking after a year because his passion for cooking and for food was much stronger than mechanics.

–       As a child, he was overmedicated for ADHD and was homeschooled from middle school onward.

–       Jacob grew up in the culinary industry: his mom owned a business called Philly Chili, and his aunt wrote cookbooks.

–       Jacob loves his parents; he calls himself a “die-hard momma’s boy,” and recently had to deal with helping his father after a triple by-pass surgery.

–       While Jacob may live in Pennsylvania now, he used to live in San Diego, and swears he’ll one day move back to California.