James Ojeda


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–       Marquee 15 Dinner Theatre – Executive Chef 2011-Present

–       Claremont Place Retirement Home – Food Director 2011

–       Loma Linda – Head Chef 2008-2011

–       TB Scotts Food & Drink –  Owner / Exec. Chef 2004 – 2007

–       Riverside Culinary Academy- Graduated 2001


–       James has been working in family owned restaurants  (including TB Scotts Food & Drink) since he was little

–       His uncle opened the first Mexican restaurant in Norco

–       Saved up enough money to go into business with his parents to own a restaurant but it quickly went under

–       After starting a family of his own, he decided to turn his passion for cooking into a career

–       Put himself through culinary school by working during the day to provide for his family and would attended class at night

–       Sometimes he lets his staff get away with too much

–       Works hard to take care of his wife, who is sick with cancer, and his family.  He wants to be on Hell’s Kitchen to show his passion for cooking and to change his life!

–       Combines cooking with his heavy metal lifestyle

–       Is of Mexican heritage but also has Native American in his bloodline