James Soil


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–      S-Line Digital Media Entertainment – Co-Manager of Celebrity and Promotions 2006-Present

–      Peachtree Buffet – Kitchen Manager 2000-2004

–      Cheesecake Factory – Pasta Cook 1998-1999


–      James’ love for food started when he was little and would come home from football practice and smell his mother’s cooking in the air.

–      He manages a hip hop artist named Little Scrappy.

–      He’s proud that he came from the projects and graduated college.

–      James loves flag football and coaches his kids’ football team.

–      James says cooking relieves his stress.  He enjoys coming home from a long day at his studio and cooking for his girlfriend, especially tacos.

–      Pressure in the kitchen and on the line calms James down.  He can deal with an unbelievable amount of pressure mainly because he makes sure he’s prepared for everything.  He says preparation is key.

–      James makes everything from scratch and absolutely can’t stand any frozen foods.

–      This guy is 100% dedicated and loyal to this industry and says it’s hard to find a good cook like him.