Ja’Nel Witt


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–      Tintos Spanish Restaurant & Wine Bar – Executive Chef 2009-2012

–      The Tasting Room – Sous Chef 2007-2009

–      Self-Employed – Private Chef 2006-2009

–      Art Institute of Houston  – Graduated 2008


–      Lost her dad when she was just 11 years old. Her mom is her biggest inspiration because she raised her brothers and sisters as a close-knit family.

–      Was laid off in Houston so is testing the waters in Los Angeles and hopes to find work as an Executive Chef.

–      She’s very ambitious and was one of the only female Executive Chefs in Houston, overcoming obstacles from people who didn’t want her to succeed trying to hold her down.

–      She is in your face with a positive spirit and takes on any challenge thrown her way.

–      Has a potty mouth and her favorite swear word is “Fuck!”

–      She’s very detail-oriented and a total control freak. If you don’t get something right, she’ll lose her temper and scream or fire you!

–      She has zero tolerance for bullshit at work and is known to hold grudges.

–      Will give everyone a fair chance but rarely gives anyone a second chance.

–      Wants to travel the world and eat cuisines from all over the world.

–      Went to school to be an optometrist but followed her passion to become a chef.