Janet Davis


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–       Self Employed Caterer 2004-Present

–       Jersey Eats Magazine – Chef Contributor 2011-Present

–       Scotch Bonnets Restaurant & Catering – Owner / Executive Chef 2004-2012

–       Kitchen Capers – Chef Instructor 2006-2011


–       Janet is Jamaican all the way. She marches to the beat of her own steel drum, and she’s ready to bring a little spice to Hell’s Kitchen.

–       Janet’s family in Jamaica was poor and she had to hustle for everything, so she knows what it means to work hard.

–       She wanted to be in television so she went to school for Broadcast & Media in upstate NY, and she moved to NYC to pursue her two loves TV and food.

–       After Janet had her first son she needed a more reliable career and decided to really  pursue her passion for cooking. Janet has done it all, from, dishwasher to line and she owned her own restaurant, Scotch Bonnets, named after the spicy, Jamaican pepper.

–       She is competitive at everything because she wants more for herself and knows that she is destined for great things. Janet isn’t afraid to compete with culinary trained chefs.

–       Gordon Ramsay doesn’t intimidate her because she doesn’t take shit.

–       Janet is coming to Hell’s Kitchen to win and she knows she’s better that anyone you put her up against because like her motto she is “too hot to trot”