Jarret Vincent


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–       Ra Sushi – Manager 2009 -Present

–       B.J.’s Brewhouse – Supervisor 2005 – 2009


–       Jarrett considers himself the ultimate underdog

–       Has no formal culinary training, but feels confident enough to run a kitchen, and is occasionally asked to cook at the restaurants he manages

–       Has trouble asking for help when he needs it

–       His pride gets in the way, which leads to problems in the workplace

–       Jarrett is married with three children

–       Although he manages a restaurant, he struggles to provide for his family and becomes emotional when asked to talk about how much they mean to him

–       He may be tough looking, but he’s not afraid to shed some tears

–       While he loves cooking, Jarrett’s other passion is dancing.  He is classically trained in ballet, tap, and jazz.  He’s also a guitarist, so he can provide the dancing music as well