Jason Ameen


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–       Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House – Sous Chef 2010 – Present

–       Muriel’s  – Sous Chef 2009-2010

–       Dickie Brennan’s Palace Café – Chef de Partie 2006-2009


–       Jason didn’t start out in the culinary field; he worked as a recruiter and headhunter and hated it because he couldn’t be stuck in a cubicle!

–       He got started by working the back door at the Palace and asked for a chance to cook!

–       Katrina was life changing for Jason, and he took it as a chance for a fresh start.

–       He loves working on the line and forming relationships with his co-workers.

–       As a sous chef he’s responsible for much more than food. Motivating cooks, working with farmers, purchasing, and media is just as important to him.  He wouldn’t do it if he didn’t love it.

–       His pet peeves are same as Gordon’s: don’t make same mistake twice, don’t stand around, be motivated, be proactive, and dirty kitchens make me CRAZY!

–       Jason has had to work on his anger over the years, and struggles with it when he gets frustrated.

–       He says, “I’m the best cook I’ve ever met – no one can butcher like I can, or manage like I can” and if he gets on the show, he’ll prove it! He has a good look and  we’d love to see him work the line at Hell’s Kitchen!